Health Care Reform

PPACA has changed the way we offer health care programs.  SBC Preparation or SBC Administrative Guide, Grandfathered rules, Age 26 Dependents, Essential Benefit Determinations… It's very complex, and mistakes can be costly.  If you are a Grandfathered Plan, you must make certain you do not lose your status…. Count on us to assist you.  As your employee benefit specialist team, we make it our responsibility to assist you with compliance.  Tens of thousands of pages on PPACA and other regulatory matters exist or are pending and soon to be released… Let us help you… There is no need to be overwhelmed. Let us help to educate you and assist you overall with all phases of compliance.

HIPAA Privacy, Security and HITECH

We are most well known for our knowledge and are an industry leader in HIPAA Privacy, Security and HITECH compliance.  A nation-wide leader in this area, our team is ready to assist you with all phases of compliance for HIPAA Privacy, Security and HITECH.  We offer on-site employer implementations, public and private privacy training, and a variety of retail products for easy self-administration and compliance, such as our employer manual, The ABC's of HIPAA Compliance- An Employer's Administrative Guide to HIPAA Compliance,  video training (not available for Privacy Work Group Members – full-day training is available), posters and more…  Let us guide you through the complexities of state and federal privacy laws for employers, as well as providers.

Privacy Seminars

Do you need privacy training?  We offer public Privacy Work Group Training….  A full-day program for training your privacy officer and privacy work group.  Can't wait for our next public training?  We are available to do on-site training as well for groups of 20 or more (smaller groups may also be trained but a flat fee will be charged).

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Whether you've been self-insured for 20 years or a newcomer to this… We can help you.  Our principals have over 40 years combined experience in self-insured health plans and can assist you in every component, from bidding excess coverages, to finding an administrator, to designing your plan, to writing your Plan Document and Summary Plan Descriptions, to helping you file your 5500's.  We are experts in the field of self-insurance, and we are ready to assist you!

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Employer Group Quoting

Are you looking for health coverage for your group, but also want a high level of expertise, and more than just a spreadsheet?  We can assist you in all phases of quoting, for either self-insured or fully-insured plans…  And not just quoting, but full implementation, compliance and the best customer service on the market…

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Consulting Service and Expert Witness Services

Are you in need of a consultant or expert witness for employee benefit matters, such as self-insurance, HIPAA Privacy, Security and HITECH, or other areas mentioned in this website?  Our President has years of experience as a consultant, independent fiduciary, and expert witness.  One of her most known clients in the past was the United States Department of Labor! 

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